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About the PIXVERSE

In the pixverse space travel is possible due to rare element called pixonium that fuels exploratory vessels. PIXONIUM on earth has limited supply but it is known by researchers that it can be found all over the pixverse.

Build your space fleet and become an explorer of the PIXVERSE.

- Acquire spaceships and hire captains.

- Discover planets.

- Find and mine most richest pixonium asteroids to fuel your spacefleet in your journey.

NFT Cards

Like any other assets Spaceships are many types as a form of NFT. Exploratory vessels discover NFT space objects like planets, moon and asteroids from time to time according to it’s rarity while mining ships harvest valuable ore that can be converted into  PIXONIUM  currency.

A mission, besides a ship requires a CAPTAIN. Some captains are specialized as explorers while others as miners, or maybe something else.

Planets or some other space objects, NFT like moons or asteroids are discovered and collected in EXPLORING MISSIONS.

Some planets can give exquisite bonuses to the entire space fleet while other can be terraformed in order to build refinery's where the precious mined ore can be processed in currency of the explorers.

Mining ship NFT

Coming soon...

Asteroids contain most of the pixonium ore in the pixverse. Some contain traces while other large quantities, either way it can be extracted in MINING MISSIONS.


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